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Orchestras, Bands, Ensembles, Vocal Groups

There is an impressive range of music groups available to school age students through the Southampton Hub partnership.  Children and young people can join a group matched to their playing level and musical interest. To help prepare your child for music group membership, the Southampton Music Service provides individual and group instrumental and vocal lessons. These activities bring huge enjoyment and exciting opportunities for our young musicians to perform in high profile concerts and tours.

The Southampton Music Service (SMS) provides an impressive range of orchestras, jazz ensembles, wind bands, rock bands, brass bands, clarinet choirs, recorder consorts, chamber groups and guitar orchestras. SMS lead ensembles have built a world-wide reputation for excellence. Make sure your child is part of this wonderful world of music making!

Take a look at the breadth of musical activity provided by the Hub partners here:
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Southampton Music lessons during school hours and after school hours

Want to learn a musical instrument? Southampton

Lead hub partner Southampton Music Service provides music lessons in the form of instrumental and vocal tuition for children during schools hours and at the end of the school day. Music lessons take place in schools and colleges across Southampton, with most group lessons lasting 30 minutes. Southampton Music Service tutors provide specialist instrumental and vocal tuition to support musical progression and preparation for performances and ensemble membership.

To enquire about booking lessons or joining a group please visit our contact page or telephone 02380 833648 or e-mail