UK Music Hub Partners

The Music Hubs below are also part of the Southampton Music Hub Partnership:


Ealing Music Service

Ealing Music Service is a Delivery Partner of the Southampton Music Hub.

Ealing Music Service offers World Music Workshops to pupils in Southampton as well as training opportunities for Southampton music teachers.


Ealing music service (EMS) aims to provide local schools and young people in the community with high quality music lessons, activities and other innovative, culturally diverse and accessible services. The EMS aims and objectives are informed by the ‘Ealing education department educational development plan’.”

Find out more about Ealing Music Service here:

Portsmouth Music Hub

Portsmouth Music Hub is a Steering Partner and Delivery Partner of the Southampton Music Hub.

Portsmouth Music Hub brings specialist expertise to Vocal and Instrumental Workshops in Southampton as well as offering professional development for music practitioners and teachers.

The Portsmouth Music Hub is a dynamic network committed to building a secure foundation for music and music education in Portsmouth. The Hub offers a way for every organisation supporting music education in Portsmouth to be directly involved and to network with the whole community.”

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